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Leveraging technology to deliver an independent and agile whistleblowing service across Africa.

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i-Tell’s driving force is to empower people to do the right thing. To that end we created a dynamic whistleblowing platform that is part of the Insiox Group. It was formed by a collaboration of forensic professionals with many years of experience in running a whistleblowing facility for a big four firm. We recognised a market need for leveraging cutting edge technology to provide whistleblowers with absolute ease of access to the platform. Greater accessibility means greater use. We also know that a service of this nature gives us unique access to data which we can turn into unique insights to better help organisations manage their risk.

Our forensic and data professionals have a deep understanding of considerations relevant in the field of financial crime risk management, anti-corruption and bribery and fraud prevention services. We believe that the act of whistleblowing is one of integrity, and is at the heart of public and private sector accountability in any democracy.

Put quite simply, we believe whistleblowing can be done better for both our clients and whistleblowers and we aim to provide additional value to both.


Ethical breaches and misconduct can destroy individual and corporate reputations and shareholder value. It can threaten enterprise development, endanger employment opportunities, undermine good governance and have adverse effects on social development and sustainability.

Such breaches and misconduct can include anything from wrongdoing, theft, fraud, corruption, harassment, nepotism, tax evasion, money laundering, retaliation, criminal actions, maladministration, wasteful expenditure, discrimination, racism, misuse of company resources, abuses, to violation of regulations and company policies.

In this context, organisations have a clear social imperative to facilitate whistleblowing. This imperative, forming part of accepted best practice norms from a corporate governance perspective, is further strengthened by globally accepted legislative frameworks requiring organisations to protect whistleblowers.

We know that whistleblowing remains the best mechanism to detect ethical breaches and misconduct in organisations globally, and that the availability of a whistleblowing platform within organisations actively facilitates the exposure of corruption, wrongful and unethical behaviour and any number of other acts of misconduct.

i-Tell Whistleblowing Services

Our service is designed to support the needs and challenges faced by individuals and organizations striving to create a more ethical workplace.

We provide a multi-channel whistleblowing service across the African continent by combining aspects from different communication mediums, social networking channels and analytical approaches.

Our clients have the option to choose a basic subscription as well as additions thereto:

Basic Subscription

  • Includes:
    • a number of generic channels (toll free & mobile number, i-Tell website webchat & webform, Whatsapp chat, Facebook Messenger, text message, fax);
    • one dedicated channel (email address);
    • case analytics; and 
    • content for an initial awareness campaign.
  • A generic channel has a contact number or address which are used across all our clients.

Dedicated Channels

  • Includes additional dedicated channels:
    • toll free & mobile number, Whatsapp chat, text message and fax.
  • A dedicated channel refers to a channel with a number or address that is created to be specific to your business.

Value Added Services

  • We bring substantial quality and value to your whistleblowing service through our value added services:
    • Triage retainer;
    • Insights analytics;
    • Employee training;
    • Launch awareness campaigns;
    • Ongoing awareness campaigns;
    • Policy support;
    • Ethics surveys; and
    • Forensic investigations.

Our agile and flexible environment also allows us to collaborate with organisations to continue to enhance our service.

We enable employees, vendors, suppliers and all other categories of stakeholders to whom our clients make the service available, to safely report any ethical breaches or misconduct. The service also allows whistleblowers to submit evidence to better facilitate the investigation of reports by client organisations.

We further actively leverage data gathered in the provision of our whistleblowing service to help our clients better manage risks to their organisations and in turn protect their business and brand. As an example, this data could relate to trends in misconduct, areas of misconduct or shortcomings in controls that transpire with numerous reports about the same misconduct. This also allows our clients to create smarter, more targeted, whistleblowing campaigns while always protecting the anonymity of whistleblowers.

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